This guide is designed to help researchers who are considering going to Ny-Ålesund make an informed decision. The information contained in the guide will assist in the initial assessment of whether a particular project should include (field) work in Ny-Ålesund, in applying for the necessary permissions and requesting/booking of the stay, in the actual work on-site, and in the follow-up after the work has been completed.

When planning your project, please consider that some of your activities might require special permission, and that you might have to submit an application well in advance of your arrival in Ny-Ålesund.

Typically, the following points tend to be challenging in the sense that applications are submitted late, or not at all – which could potentially delay your work in Ny-Ålesund:

  • If you are going out in the field, you will need to rent a firearm for polar bear protection. Procedure is described here
  • If you plan on using equipment containing a radio transmitter, you will need to submit an application
  • If your project relies on the use of drones, necessary permits must be in place before you arrive in Ny-Ålesund. See detailed information here
  • If your projects relies on collection of samples or placement of instruments on Kings Bay’s property, you have to go through an application process well in advance.

Photo: Christophe Brochard

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