All researchers coming to Ny-Ålesund must book their flights and accommodation through the RiS portal:

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Flights between Longyearbyen and Ny-Ålesund

Lufttransport operates the route between Longyearbyen and Ny-Ålesund

Lufttransport: Flight schedule and available seats

Please note that the flight schedule web site only gives an indication on the availability of seats, as there might be bookings being processed, but not yet registered in the system. Seats are only secured once you have received a confirmation through RiS or Kings Bay.

Be aware that the flights are depending on the current weather situation and that changes in departure time might occur. Provide a mobile phone number to be reachable for last minute changes.

Check-in times

  • In Longyearbyen: 45 minutes prior to departure time
  • In Ny-Ålesund: one hour prior to departure time (from LYR)


  • Maximum luggage allowance per passenger is 20 kg – including hand luggage
  • It is possible to submit a request to bring more luggage, but Kings Bay can not guarantee excess luggage. Heavy and large volume cargo should always be sent by boat.
  • If bringing a firearm on the plane, you need to inform the Lufttransport staff when checking in. The firearm will be handled by the plane crew and placed in a secure place on board.
  • Flare gun ammunition are listed as “dangerous goods”, and is not allowed on the plane.
  • Kings Bay cannot be held responsible for any damage to your luggage between check-in in Longyearbyen and arrival in Ny-Ålesund. Pack your luggage carefully, and be especially diligent when sending instruments or other fragile items.

Other flight info

  • Flight time between Longyearbyen and Ny-Ålesund is approximately 25 minutes.
  • When arriving in Ny-Ålesund please wait in the plane until luggage and cargo has been unloaded. A minibus will take you from the airport to the Kings Bay Service Building where you collect your luggage and check in.
  • If you are travelling with a larger group (more than 6 persons), or need a flight at a time when there is no scheduled flight, it is possible to charter a separate flight. For price information, please see the Kings Bay Price list.

Accommodation in Ny-Ålesund

Kings Bay AS offers lodging of various standard and pricing:

  • BUDGET – Single room – shared facilities
  • BUDGET – Twin room – shared facilities
  • STANDARD – Single room – private bath
  • STANDARD PLUS – Single room – private bath
  • STANDARD PLUS – Double room – private bath
  • Scientists board only
  • Scientists in field

Almost all buildings have a common living room.

In addition most of the host institutions offer accommodation in their own space.


All meals are served in the common dining hall at Servicebygget. Please note that there is no supermarket or food store in Ny-Ålesund and that all food is provided by Kings Bay AS.

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