What we do

NySMAC promotes cooperation and coordination between actors engaged in research and environmental monitoring in Ny-Ålesund, and contributes to the development of Ny-Ålesund as an outstanding site for Arctic research and monitoring. NySMAC provides advice and comments on research projects, research planning and coordination, infrastructure development, and environmental protection, and promotes collaboration, mutual understanding and friendship. As a major initiative to promote international collaboration, NySMAC contributed to the development of the four Ny-Ålesund flagship programmes.

NySMAC convenes twice a year.

Who we are

NySMAC currently consists of 18 member institutions, and four observer institutions.

The NySMAC secretariat is hosted by the Norwegian Polar Institute in Tromsø.

Central NySMAC documents

NySMAC’s governing documents are the Founding Articles (from 1995, slightly adjusted in 2000) and NySMACs Terms of Reference.

NySMAC Founding Article (2000, pdf)

NySMAC Terms of Reference (2020, pdf)

NySMAC currently has a task force group drafting the strategy document for NySMAC.

The NySMAC Charter document gives a complete overview of policies agreed on by NySMAC since its creation in 1994.The current version from 2017 is slightly outdated, and NySMAC will update this when the strategy document is approved.

NySMAC Charter (last updated in 2017, pdf)

The meeting documents from previous meetings can be found in the dedicated password-protected NySMAC archive. Please contact the NySMAC secretariat if you need the password.

The general document archive contains all NySMAC documents which are open for all. Use the category NySMAC to find all these.

NySMACs internal PID forum

The NySMAC PID forum is an internal forum for NySMAC members to inform and discuss about project and program activities and other more general issues.

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