Contact NPI in Ny-Ålesund

Head, NPI Sverdrup: phone (+47) 7902 7400 / email
Research coordinator NPI Sverdrup: phone (+47) 7902 7406 / email

Contact Kings Bay AS in Ny-Ålesund

Director: phone (+47) 7902 7280 / email
Adviser: phone (+47) 7902 7283 / email
Research adviser: phone (+47) 7902 7252 / email
Other Kings Bay staff, please see

Contact NPI in Tromsø

Leader of the Ny-Ålesund programme:

Request regarding official visits to Ny-Ålesund research station:
Request support letter to include with your visa application:

Contact NySMAC

NySMAC Secretariat: Christina A. Pedersen or
NySMAC chair: Kjersti Karlsen Tørnkvist:

Other institutions in Ny-Ålesund

To find contact information for the other institutions in Ny-Ålesund, please see the overview of NySMAC Members.

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