Remember to apply for all necessary permits well in advance

Need to rent firearm for polar bear protection?
See procedure here

Need to use equipment containing a radio transmitter?
Application procedure described here

Need to use drones?
See permit information here

Have you disabled Wi-Fi and Bluetooth on all your devices before arriving in Ny-Ålesund?
See guides on how to do this on PCs and mobile phones here

Collecting samples, or placing instruments on Kings Bay’s property?
Apply well in advance

The Governor of Svalbard has introduced four fixed application deadlines per year for research activity in Svalbard. (Additional information here.) The deadlines are:

1 January for fieldwork in March, April, and May.
1 March for fieldwork in June, July, and August.
1 July for fieldwork in September, October, and November.
1 October for fieldwork December, January, and February.

Researchers’ Guide

We have compiled all the information you need to make your stay in Ny-Ålesund successful – from the first development of your project, booking your stay and preparing for field work, to actual work on site, and the follow-up after.

Read the guide →

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