Ny-Ålesund Research Station is a unique location for Arctic research and environmental monitoring. Easily accessible (certainly when compared to other high Arctic research stations), it provides extensive research infrastructure utilised by more than 20 institutions from more than 10 countries, and the knowledge gained here is of crucial importance to a number of international networks and processes (e.g. to IPCC reports).

As a consequence of the unique qualities that Ny-Ålesund provides to the international research community, there are strict limitations on what other types of activities can take place in Ny-Ålesund. For instance, the Kongsfjorden is closed for commercial fisheries, and visits by non-scientist are kept at a minimum. While cruise ships do make short port calls in Ny-Ålesund, and while several tour operators in Longyearbyen offer day trips by boat to Ny-Ålesund, there is no accommodation or other services for for tourists in Ny-Ålesund – with the exception of the opportunity to visit Kongsfjordbutikken (the Kongsfjorden store), and the local Ny-Ålesund Museum. 

Visitors to Ny-Ålesund should pay particular attention to the fact that Ny-Ålesund is a radio silent community. This means that all use of Wi-Fi and Bluetooth should be avoided to prevent disturbance to, or destruction of highly sensitive instruments and measurements in the area. (While in Ny-Ålesund and in a 20 km radius outside the settlement, please make sure that your mobile phone in flight mode, disable Wi-Fi and Bluetooth in cameras, smart watches, etc., and refrain from using drones.)

Also, while in Ny-Ålesund, please walk on the roads and boardwalks only. Walking elsewhere could potentially disturb or destroy measurements, sampling sites or cultural heritage that isn’t necessarily clearly visible. Please see details, maps etc. regarding which areas to avoid in the Researchers’ Guide.

Ny-Ålesund Community Guidelines

Visitors to Ny-Ålesund are encouraged to familiarise themselves with the Ny-Ålesund Community Guidelines available on the web site of the Association of Arctic Expedition Cruise Operators (AECO).

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