Due to limited air cargo capacity to and from Ny-Ålesund, cargo related to research activity should preferably be sent by cargo ship. If you for some reason decide to send cargo by air instead, there is no guarantee that your cargo will arrive in Ny-Ålesund in time for the start of your project. Kings Bay cannot take responsibility for delays this might cause for your project. 

When sending cargo to Ny-Ålesund, always prepare for the return sending as well. This relates to customs issues in your home country, as well as cargo handling issues in Ny-Ålesund.

Air cargo

Kings Bay AS is responsible for arranging air freight between Longyearbyen and Ny-Ålesund. Please use the list below as a reference guide when sending air freight to Ny-Ålesund:

  • Sending parcels by mail is generally recommended. You can also send cargo by agents and couriers like DHL, FedEx, TNT and UPS. Pole Position Logistics AS is operating as the air cargo handling agent for these companies in Longyearbyen. Please note that there will be additional fees for parcel handling in Longyearbyen and in Ny-Ålesund, and that the shipper is responsible to get the parcel/cargo to Lufttransport terminal at Svalbard Lufthavn.
  • The aircraft operating to/from Ny-Ålesund has limited capacity, so remember to book space for your cargo well in advance. Please note that while cargo that is booked early will be prioritised, no guarantee can be given with regards to the exact date of shipping.
  • It is important to prepare the correct proforma invoice and airfreight document (one copy of each per parcel).
  • Air cargo to Ny-Ålesund should be addressed to your host institution, N-9173 Ny-Ålesund, Norway, and marked clearly with your name and institutional affiliation. Please label all shipments. It is also recommended that you label all shipments with a contact name and phone number in Ny-Ålesund.
  • We strongly recommend that you contact your host institution prior to sending any parcels to Ny-Ålesund to ensure appropriate handling of the shipment upon arrival.
  • Shipping between any international airport and Longyearbyen airport will be handled in accordance with standard rules and regulations for air cargo.
  • Upon arrival in Longyearbyen, Kings Bay’s shipping agents will be handling the cargo between the arrival and departure terminals. The handling in Longyearbyen will be invoiced separately.
  • The cost for sending air cargo is in the price list.
  • Kings Bay reception will help you with sending air cargo from Ny-Ålesund.

Sending Cargo with couriers

Sending  parcels by mail is generally recommended, but you can also send cargo by agents and couriers like DHL, FedEx, TNT, UPS. Please note that there will be additional fees for parcel handling in Longyearbyen and in Ny-Ålesund, and that the shipper is responsible to get the parcels/cargo to Lufttransport. 

Ship cargo

Bring Logistics Norway operates a cargo ship between mainland Norway and Ny-Ålesund (departing from Tromsø). During the summer months, there is one cargo ship approximately every 6 weeks, while the schedule during winter is less frequent. Further information is provided on Kings Bay’s webpage on ship cargo.

Sailing schedule Tromsø – Svalbard 2024

Please make sure that your shipment arrives in Tromsø well ahead of the departure date to secure  space on the boat. For refrigerated goods the deadline is early on the day of departure from Tromsø.

The contact point is the Harbour Master on +47 79 02 72 40 or harbour@kingsbay.no

Frozen samples and dangerous goods

For shipment hazardous goods must be registered and labelled in accordance with rules and regulations. This is the same for frozen samples sent with dry ice or liquid nitrogen.

When sending dangerous goods as air cargo the Kings Bay reception must be notified a minimum 24 hours before the plane departs from Longyearbyen. If in doubt as to whether your shipment should be treated as dangerous goods or not, please consult with Kings Bay’s reception.

For hazardous waste (or other hazardous goods sent by ship) contact the KB departmental engineer (engineer@kingsbay.no) in advance.”


You can send postcards, letters and regular small parcels from the Kings Bay Reception. All institutions with long-term presence in Ny-Ålesund have their own post box where they receive letters.

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