The combination of extensive research infrastructure, a northern location, a coastal setting, a heterogenous landscape, and easy access makes Ny-Ålesund a unique location for high Arctic research and environmental monitoring, and for building and maintaining long time-series.

What are the Ny-Ålesund flagship programmes?

To facilitate the best possible use of the unique opportunities that Ny-Ålesund Research Station offers, the research and monitoring activity on site is organised in four broad flagship programmes:

  • The Atmosphere Flagship
  • The Glaciology Flagship
  • The Kongsfjorden system Flagship (marine ecosystems)
  • The Terrestrial Ecosystems Flagship

Arenas for contact, coordination and cooperation

The flagship programmes are scientific networks and arenas for contact, coordination and cooperation. They are also key arenas for discussions of research priorities and of research infrastructure development that can contribute to improving the research.

The flagship programmes have regular meetings, arrange workshops and in certain cases can provide limited funding to cover costs for these activities. They are open to all scientists who are engaged in studies in Ny-Ålesund, or who wish to be so.

Build networks

  • Link up with researchers who have expertise that complements your own, adding value to your project.
  • Cooperate on fieldwork logistics.
  • Share data.
  • Join workshops.

Find partners

  • Looking to develop a project application? Use the flagships to find partners!
  • Example: Members of the Kongsfjorden System Flagship were recently successful in securing 5.6 mill. € through the Horizon 2020 programme for the project FACE-IT (2020-2024).

Guide infrastructure development

  • Ny-Ålesund offers unique opportunities, but is also continuously developing its research infrastructure. The flagships are instrumental in guiding this process.
  • Examples: A new terrestrial lab – Veksthuset – is now up and running and available for all researchers, offering wet and dry lab facilities.

Cross-cutting flagship activities

Although the four flagships operate within different domains, cross-disciplinary and cross-flagship collaboration is strongly encouraged. A new project focused on the nutrient cycle in the Arctic – as a critical link between the atmosphere, biosphere and cryosphere – aims to increase the multidisciplinary research and links between the flagships.

Read more about the cross cutting flagship activities here:

How to join a flagship

Participation in the flagships are free and open for all. If you wish to receive information about flagship activities, please sign up to receive our newsletter and/or information emails from the flagships.

Sign up to become part of the flagship and receive information here:

Read about the different Ny-Ålesund flagships programs here:

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