The Atmosphere Flagship focuses on measurements from the surface up to the upper atmosphere utilizing a wide array of different techniques and instruments.

Working groups

The Atmosphere Flagship has established eight working groups focusing on specific scientific questions. Each working group has one or two contact persons.


The Atmosphere Research Flagship was initiated at a SSF workshop in Kjeller in 2008. The Atmosphere Flagship document describes the general flagship objectives, future research priorities, and gives an overview of institutions with atmospheric activities, and of atmospheric parameters measured in Ny-Ålesund.

The flagship has received funding from the Research Council of Norway through the Svalbard Strategic Grant for flagship activities on three occasions since 2015. Flagship activities have included:

  • Establishing work groups focusing on specific scientific questions
  • Independent work group meetings
  • Symposia
  • Guest visits
  • Planning and organization of joint field work
  • Jointly published papers


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Contact the flagship scientific committee

Radovan Krejci, Stockholm University (Chair)
Stephen R. Hudson, Norwegian Polar Institute (Co-chair)
Roland Neuber, Alfred-Wegener Institute
Ove Hermansen, Norwegian Institute for Air Research
Boris Ivanov, Arctic and Antarctic Research Institute
Grzegorz Karasiński, Polish Academy of Sciences
Satheesan Karathazhiyath, NCAOR
Yutaka Tobo, NIPR
Vito Vitale, CNR
Young Jun Yoon, KOPRI
Libo Zhou, Institute of Atmospheric Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences
Hans-Christian Hansson, Stockholm University
Christina A. Pedersen, Norwegian Polar Institute


Upcoming Events

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