The Kongsfjorden System flagship is one of the four Ny-Ålesund research flagships.

Working groups

The Kongsfjorden System Flagship programme is preparing to make further steps towards an integrative, interdisciplinary and international project and to facilitate structured research activities. To address this, a number of working groups have been identified to move on with more specific project plans.

Each of these working groups plan to organize joint network meetings and initiate research activities. Anticipated outputs from the working group meetings are joint publications, joint proposals, increased collaboration in the field, and improved sharing of data.


A workshop about research on the Kongsfjorden System was arranged in Ny-Ålesund in 2008, with the aim to discuss future research and to establish the Kongsfjorden System Flagship. The Kongsfjorden System Flagship document seeks to identify future research priorities and knowledge gaps, and proposed projects to fill these.

At the 12th Ny-Ålesund seminar in Tromsø in 2015, the research priorities from 2008 where re-visited, and the status of each evaluated. The open workshop on Adaptation to environmemntal changes in the Arctic in Tromsø in fall 2016, led to a submitted proposal for activities within 2017-18 to Svalbard Strategic Grant

The Ecosystem of Kongsfjorden, Svalbard (edited by Haakon Hop, NPI, and Christian Wiencke, AWI) focuses in detail on all ecologically important aspects of the Kongsfjorden system such as the marine and atmospheric environment including long-term monitoring, ecophysiology of individual species, structure and function of the ecosystem, ecological processes and biological communities. The contributed articles include review articles and research articles that have a wider approach and bring the current research up-to-date. This book forms a baseline for future work within the flagship.


All researchers conducting or planning activity in the marine environment in Kongsfjorden are encouraged to join the Flagship by contacting the Flagship chairs (see contact information below).

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Contact the flagship scientific committee

Clara Hoppe, AWI (Chair)
Allison Bailey, Norwegian Polar Institute (Co-chair)
Jean-Pierre Gattuso, CNRS
Finlo Cottier, SAMS
Carlos Jiminez, University of Malaga
Haakon Hop, Norwegian Polar Institute
Geir W Gabrielsen, Norwegian Polar Institute
Kai Bischof, University of Bremen
Pedro Duarte, Norwegian Polar Institute

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