The Ny-Ålesund area provides unique opportunities for in-depth studies of life and ecosystem processes in Arctic environments. The Terrestrial Ecosystems Flagship seeks to increase coordination and collaboration between researchers within these fields.

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The Terrestrial Ecosystems Flagship Programme was established at a workshop hosted by SSF in Oslo in 2009. The concluding Terrestrial Ecosystems Flagship document discusses the focus areas for future terrestrial research in Ny-Ålesund.

At the 12th Ny-Ålesund seminar in Tromsø in 2015, the Terrestrial Ecosystems Flagship group met again. They acknowledged the content and validity of the flagship concluding document from 2009, but agreed there was a need for revitalising the content and for suggesting concrete actions.

The flagship successfully received funding for flagship activities from Svalbard Strategic Grant call 2017, and had its first dedicated flagship workshop during three days in August 2018 in Ny-Ålesund. Some 25 researchers came together to present their research and visit the different field sites established over the course of the last three decades.

Two more meetings followed in 2019 (in Longyearbyen and in Oslo) during which participants worked on a paper that reviewed and highlighted research and monitoring in Ny-Ålesund and the surrounding land area. The meetings were essential to increase the cooperation in a science field which contains many fragmented projects with different focus and timeline perspectives.


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Contact the flagship scientific committee

Angela Augusti, CNR (Chair)
Eva Fuglei, Norwegian Polar Institute (Co-chair)
Maarten Loonen, University of Groeningen
Mette Svenning, UiT
Masaki Uchida, NIPR
Elie Verleyen, University of Gent
Josef Elster, CAS

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