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This September two new articles has been published in the Nature Journal Nature Communications (links below) based on data gathered at the Zeppelin Observatory in Ny-Ålesund Research Station!

The first article gives important insights on black carbon in Arctic clouds, and the second reveal a crucial role of biological particles, including pollen, spores, and bacteria, in the formation of ice within Arctic clouds.

Both articles are written by international teams of scientists from Sweden, Norway, Japan, and Switzerland where it is presented findings of data contribute to improvements in climate calculation and models in both articles.

Read the open access articles on Nature here:

Black carbon scavenging by low-level Arctic clouds (Zieger, P., Heslin-Rees, D., Karlsson, L. et al. Black carbon scavenging by low-level Arctic clouds. Nat Commun 14, 5488 (2023).

Regionally sourced bioaerosols drive high-temperature ice nucleating particles in the Arctic (Pereira Freitas, G., Adachi, K., Conen, F. et al. Regionally sourced bioaerosols drive high-temperature ice nucleating particles in the Arctic. Nat Commun 14, 5997 (2023).

Looking for a scientific network within atmospheric research in Ny-Ålesund? Check out the Atmospheric Flagship program:

The Zeppelin Observatory

The Zeppelin Observatory. Photo: Ove Hermansen/NILU

The Zeppelin Observatory is located on the Zeppelin Mountain, 472 meters above sea leavel where local pollution is minimal.

The Zeppelin Observatory is part of a global network of observatories for atmospheric measurements, and is part of several regional and global monitoring networks.

The primary users of the Zeppelin Observatory are The Norwegian Institute for Air Research (NILU), Stockholm University (SU) and the Norwegian Polar Institute (NPI). The Observatory is also available for other users to set up instruments for long-term monitoring or short term campaigns.

Owner: The Norwegian Polar Institute

Contact: headnpi.nya@npolar.no

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