No.TimeLocationChairCo-chairParticipation in ASSW/arranged in conjunction with
127 July 1994Ny-Ålesund, NorwayPål Prestrud (NPI)  
23 May 1995Potsdam, GermanyPål Prestrud 1st NyÅS
317 August 1995Ny-Ålesund, NorwayPål PrestrudHajime Ito (NIPR) 
427 February 1996Cambridge, UKPål PrestrudHajime Ito2nd NyÅS
524 August 1996Ny-Ålesund, NorwayPål PrestrudHajime Ito 
68 April 1997Kjeller, NorwayPål PrestrudHajime Ito3rd NyÅS
724 August 1997Ny-Ålesund, Norway Kim Holmén (UoS)Hajime Ito 
84 March 1998Ravello, ItalyKim HolménHajime Ito4th NyÅS
917-18 September 1998Stockholm, SwedenKim HolménNick Cox (BAS/NERC) 
1022-24 February 1999Corsica, FranceKim HolménNick Cox 
1111-12 October 1999Ny-Ålesund, NorwayKim HolménNick Cox 
1221-22 February 2000Tokyo, JapanKim HolménNick Cox5th NyÅS
1320-21 November 2000Copenhagen, DenmarkKim HolménNick Cox 
142-3 May 2001Ny-Ålesund, NorwayKim HolménNick Cox 
1520 September 2001Potsdam, GermanyGuido di Prisco (CNR)Nick Cox 
1623 April 2002Groningen, NetherlandsGuido di PriscoNick CoxASSW2002
177 October 2002Tromsø, NorwayGuido di Prisco Nick Cox6th NyÅS
1831 March – 1 April 2003Kiruna, SwedenGuido di PriscoFranck Delbart (IPEV)ASSW2003
196-7 November 2003Rome, ItalyGuido di PriscoFranck Delbart 
2022-23 April 2004Reykjavik, IcelandGuido di PriscoFranck DelbartASSW2004
213-4 November 2004Paris, FranceGuido di Prisco Franck Delbart 
 24-25 February 2005Tokyo, JapanSeminar onlyFranck Delbart7th NyÅS
2218-19 April 2005Kunming, ChinaGuido di PriscoFranck DelbartASSW2005
2325-26 October 2005Andøya, NorwayHajime Ito (NIPR)Franck Delbart 
2427-28 March 2006Potsdam, GermanyHajime ItoFranck DelbartASSW2006
2517-17 October 2006Kjeller, NorwayHajime Ito Franck Delbart 
2618-19 March 2007Hanover, USAHajime ItoRoland Neuber (AW)ASSW2007
2718-19 October 2007Cambridge, UKHajime ItoRoland Neuber8th NyÅS
284-5 March 2008Kjeller, NorwayHajime ItoRoland Neuber 
294-5 November 2008Brest, FranceHajime Ito Roland Neuber 
3023 March 2009Bergen, NorwayHajime ItoRoland Neuber9th NyÅS as part of the ASSW2009
313-5 November 2009Incheon, South KoreaPaal Berg (NILU)Roland Neuber 
3212-13 April 2010Copenhagen, DenmarkPaal BergRoland Neuber 
3313-15 September 2010Ny-Ålesund, NorwayPaal Berg Roland Neuber 
3428 March 2011Seoul, South KoreaPaal BergWang Yong (CAA)ASSW2011
3526-27 October 2011Kjeller, NorwayPaal BergWang Yong10th NyÅS
3620-21 March 2012Stockholm, SwedenPaal BergWang Yong 
3713-14 November 2012Groningen, NetherlandsPaal BergWang Yong 
3813-19 April 2013Krakow, PolandPaal BergMasaki Uchida (NIPR)ASSW2013
397-8 October 2013Rome, ItalyNick Cox (BAS/NERC)Masaki Uchida11th NyÅS
407-8 April 2014Helsinki, FinlandNick CoxMasaki UchidaASSW2014
416-7 November 2014Goa, IndiaNick CoxMasaki Uchida 
4223-24 April 2015Toyama, JapanNick CoxMasaki UchidaASSW2015
4321-22 September 2015Tromsø, NorwayNick CoxYoung Jun Yoon (KOPRI)12th NyÅS
4426-27 April 2016Stockholm, SwedenNick CoxYoung Jun Yoon 
4519-20 October 2016Xiamen, ChinaNick CoxYoung Jun Yoon 
4631 March – 1 April 2017Prague, Czech RepublicNick CoxYoung Yun YoonASSW2017
479-10 November 2017Oslo, NorwayMaarten Loonen (UoG)Young Yun Yoon1st SSC
4816-17 June 2018Davos, SwitzerlandMaarten LoonenYoung Yun YoonASSW2018
496-7 November 2018Ny-Ålesund, NorwayMaarten LoonenYoung Yun Yoon 
5022-23 May 2019Archangelsk, RussiaMaarten LoonenHonglei Li (CAA)ASSW2019
517-8 November 2019Oslo, NorwayMaarten LoonenHonglei Li2nd SSC
5230-31 March 2020OnlineMaarten LoonenHonglei LiASSW2020 (online)
533-5 November 2020OnlineMaarten LoonenHonglei Li
5422-24 March 2021OnlineMaarten LoonenHonglei LiASSW2021 (online)
554-5 November 2021Oslo, NorwayMaarten LoonenHonglei Li3rd SSC
5627-28 March 2022Tromsø, NorwayKjersti Tørnkvist (NILU)Honglei LiASSW2022 (hybrid)
5725-26 October 2022Groningen, The NetherlandsKjersti TørnkvistHonglei Li
5819-20 February 2023Vienna, AustriaKjersti TørnkvistIain Rudkin (BAS)ASSW2023
592-3 Nov 2023Oslo, NorwayKjersti TørnkvistIain Rudkin4th SSC

NyÅS = Ny-Ålesund Seminar, ASSW = Arctic Science Summit Week, SSC = Svalbard Science Conference

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