Updated 23.08.2021

Information regarding international travel to Norway (incl. Svalbard)

The Norwegian Government’s web pages on Travel to Norway provides travellers with the most recent official information on rules and regulations.

Similarly, the Norwegian Institute of Public Health is a valuable source of updated information with short and to-the-point explanations of which rules apply for travellers from within the EU/EEA/Schengen area, as well as from overseas regions and countries outside EU/EEA/Schengen; how to register for arrival in Norway, what rules apply for quarantine hotels etc.

The Q & A page set up by the Norwegian Government (The coronavirus situation: Questions and answers about entry to Norway) provides concrete answers to frequently asked questions.

The Norwegian Directorate of Health has set up a quarantine check to help you find out the rules that will apply if, for example, you arrive in Norway from a country or region which is subject to a quarantine obligation, have come into close contact with someone who is infected, live with someone who is in quarantine, or have recovered or been vaccinated.

Individuals who are fully vaccinated or who have recovered from COVID-19 in the past 6 months and who can document this with a verifiable COVID-19 certificate that is connected to the EUDCC gateway, will be able to enter Norway freely, regardless of which country they are travelling from. Those travellers meeting these requirements are exempt from the duty to quarantine, testing prior to arrival, testing at the border, or testing prior to onward travel to Svalbard. (Additional information on the Government’s web site.)

Currently, only presentation of a COVID-19 certificate (Norwegian, Danish, Swedish, EU or NHS England and Wales digital COVID certificate) with a QR code which can be verified by the Norwegian authorities is considered to be a secure and verifiable way of proving vaccination or previous illness.

Travellers arriving in Norway from countries/areas that are subject to a duty to quarantine (“non-green” countries/areas, map here) must register before crossing the border. This also applies to Norwegian citizens, but not to people who are fully vaccinated and people who have recovered from COVID-19 during the past 6 months. Travellers must complete their registration prior to their arrival in Norway and may only register their journey in the 72 hours before their time of arrival.

With effect from the 5th of July, countries and regions on the EU’s third country list which are considered to meet the criteria for green countries will be classified as countries that may be subject to slightly less strict entry rules. These countries and territories will be colour-coded purple. Visitors from these countries and regions are subject to the same testing and quarantine requirements upon arrival as travellers from red countries/regions.

NB! Please note that while the UDI on their web site describe exemptions from the entry restrictions, they also state clearly that “neither UDI, embassies, the police or anyone else can issue such a guarantee in advance. Nor is it possible to submit an application to ascertain whether you can travel to Norway if you are visa-free or already have a valid visa.” The final decision regarding entry is made by Norwegian police at the border.

Anyone travelling to Ny-Ålesund should bring a formal letter from their employer confirming their employment status, and detailing why travel to Ny-Ålesund is necessary.

NPI, as the official Norwegian host in Ny-Ålesund will be able to issue letters of support. For us to do this in an efficient manner, please send a request to research.nya@npolar.no.

NB! To clarify, such a letter of support is not a guarantee that you will be allowed entry. Reiterating the information provided on the UDI web site, “neither UDI, embassies, the police or anyone else can issue such a guarantee in advance. Nor is it possible to submit an application to ascertain whether you can travel to Norway if you are visa-free or already have a valid visa.

Please contact the airline you will fly with to check what documentation they require for you to board a flight to Norway.

Final decision regarding entry is made by Norwegian police at the border.

While we strive to keep the information on this page updated, regulations can change on short notice. We therefore recommend that you consult with official Norwegian websites (primarily The Norwegian Directorate of Immigration (UDI), and Helse Norge) and with your country’s embassy in Oslo prior to planning your travels.

Information regarding travel to Svalbard

Anyone arriving in Norway from a red area/country needs to complete their full quarantine period in mainland Norway prior to travelling on to Svalbard. This applies to all who want to travel to Svalbard, including residents. (For updated information on which countries/areas are “green” and “non-green”, please see the web site of the Norwegian Institute of Public Health.)

If you are travelling to Svalbard, you need to undergo testing during the last 24 hours prior to your departure from mainland Norway. As an example, if your flight leaves Oslo with a connecting flight in Tromsø, you should be tested for the coronavirus no more than 24 hours prior to your departure from Tromsø. The test is free of charge for residents of Svalbard. To get a free test, you must present documentation that you are registered in the population register for Svalbard.

If you are protected you are exempt from the requirement to present documentation of a negative test, the same applies to children under the age of 12. (As specified on the web site of Helse Norge, you are considered protected if you (i) are fully vaccinated, (ii) have received one dose, and 3 to 15 weeks have passed since you received the vaccine, or (iii) have had COVID-19 during the previous 6 months period.)

Information specifically for Ny-Ålesund

Currently, there are no additional restrictions for travellers going to Ny-Ålesund. For more information: Kings Bay’s web site. General rules (social distancing, good hand hygiene etc) apply. In the event that you experience any flu/cold or covid-19 symptoms, you are required to be quarantined, and then tested.

It is important that anyone who is going to travel to Ny-Ålesund makes an assessment of their own health situation and thinks about the possible consequences of becoming ill and in isolation. Those over the age of 65 and those with additional disease will have a greater risk of a serious course of the disease. If a person is vaccinated, the risk of a serious course of the disease is significantly reduced.

A possible evacuation to the mainland will not be carried out until you become seriosly ill. This can lead to a demanding course of illness in isolation in Ny-Ålesund, with only one nurse available.