The local influence at Gruvebadet is minimal due to the wind regime. The location is also interesting for remote sensing since the light pollution from the village is drastically reduced here.

Owner: Kings Bay AS

Contact person: Kings Bay Research Adviser ((+47) 7902 7252 /

Booking procedures

At the moment the facility cannot be booked through RiS. Contact the KB research adviser if you would like more information about how to use the facility.

The research community is currently discussing how to set up a consortium/organisational structure for the use and development of Gruvebadet.

Main focus area

Atmospheric research. Today Gruvebadet has activities from CNR, NCPOR, NIPR, KOPRI, FMI and UiT.


Gruvebadet consists of five rooms for instruments, where three rooms have inlets from the roof. The rooms are furnished with desks for instruments.

Photo: Dagmara Wojtanowicz