The Zeppelin Observatory is part of a global network of observatories for atmospheric measurements, and is part of several regional and global monitoring networks.

The primary users of the Zeppelin Observatory are NILU, Stockholm University (SU) and the Norwegian Polar Institute (NPI). The Observatory is also available for other users to set up instruments for long-term monitoring or short term campaigns.

Owner: The Norwegian Polar Institute


Procedures for use

The Observatory is owned by NPI, while NILU has the scientific responsibility for the Observatory. All new activities in the observatory must be approved by the Zeppelin Observatory House meeting (which has representatives from NILU, NPI, and Stockholm University). If you have a request for use of the observatory please complete the registration form below and submit your request to the Head of NPI in Ny-Ålesund at

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Main focus areas

  • Research on long-transported atmospheric contaminants
  • Characteristics of the Arctic atmosphere and studies of atmospheric processes and changes
  • Measurements aimed at increasing the understanding of feedback mechanisms between aerosols, clouds and radiation, and how these affect the Arctic climate.

Read more in the strategy plan for the Zeppelin Observatory 2020-2025 (pdf)


The observatory consists of six different rooms for instruments, three outdoor platforms for instruments and inlets, and a 14-meter tall mast for inlets. Two of the instrument rooms are earmarked for “campaign” instruments and reserved for project-based measurement campaigns. The rooms are furnished with desks and racks for instruments.

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