Both your host institution, Kings Bay (and in some cases also NPI) will be able to provide additional logistical services in Ny-Ålesund. Reservation of some larger equipment (boats, snowmobiles, etc.) and other key items (chemicals, rifles, etc.) should be made as part of your RiS booking. Acceptance of your RiS booking to Ny-Ålesund may be dependent on the availability of major equipment needs.

Overview of logistics and services offered

  • Renting of snowmobiles and sleds (KB and NPI)
  • Renting of field equipment (NPI and KB)
  • Boat with driver, MS Teisten (KB)
  • Boat with and without driver, Polarcirkel (NPI)
  • Chemicals and gases (KB)
  • Renting of rifle and flare gun (KB)
  • Car rental (KB)
  • Storage; cold, heated and freezers (KB)
  • Office space (KB). The host institution normally have this for rent/loan for own researchers.
  • Polar bear and weapons safety course (KB)
  • Assistance in the field (NPI and KB)
  • Engineer capacity (help with instruments, NPI)

It is possible to rent other types of equipment like clothes, safety equipment, etc. from NPI Sverdrup. An overview of available equipment is given in Varekatalogen (PDF).

Send a request for equipment to at the same time as you submit your booking in RiS.

Please note that other host institutions may have different procedures for providing logistics and services, and you should check this as early as possible with your host institution.

Other logistical services available

Kings Bay logistics and services

Kings Bay can provide assistance with technical issues and purchases.

Should you require any such assistance please contact Kings Bay research advisor at  well in advance of your field visit. 

If you need work done, help with logistics or purchases, you need to fill in a quote form. Kings Bay will then send you a quote, and when this is accepted, Kings Bay will provide the requested service. Kings Bay also offers help and support with sampling or extra help if needed.

Rifle and flare gun

Rifle and flare gun with ammunition for polar bear protection can be rented from Kings Bay. In order to be allowed to rent a weapon, you must have a permit, and you should submit an application for such a permit well in advance of your arrival in Ny-Ålesund. Please see detailed information here.

Kings Bay also offers a polar bear safety course for everyone going out in the field. You must pass this course (or similar courses from NPI or UNIS) in order to be able to rent a firearm from Kings Bay. The certificate issued upon passing the mandatory test – the final step of the course – is valid for three years. UNIS and NPI also provide weapon training for scientists and students in Longyearbyen. NPI will also rent rifle and flare gun to personnel working on NPI research projects. Familiarise yourself with the formal process here

Workshops available for researchers

Most of the research institutions in Ny-Ålesund have workshops available for visiting scientists. Please check with your host institution for availability.b

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