Kings Bay offers access to the labs in Veksthuset, at no cost in 2024 for groups working on terrestrial and glaciological projects!

Development and increased use of thematic, joint research infrastructure are key priorities for Ny-Ålesund research station, and it is our hope that access to the different laboratories on site will stimulate discussions, bring about increased collaboration between researchers, improve the quality of the research, and increase the number of publications.

To “kick-start” use of the most recent addition to the joint research infrastructure in Ny-Ålesund – the Kings Bay Veksthus – access to, and use of the laboratories in the building will be free of charge in 2024.

To ensure efficient use of the facilities, and to avoid capacity challenges, the labs will have to be booked as normal – i.e., through RiS.

In your booking, you must specify how much counter space you need, and what kind of equipment you would like to use. Please note that to allow for timely ordering and shipping to Ny-Ålesund of chemicals and gases, all request for such supplies must be submitted two months before the planned start of the project.

The dates in your RiS booking will act as a reference for the reservation date. If the day use during the work period deviates from the RiS booking, this should be clarified with the laboratory engineer ( prior to departure and the dates written in the “Kings Bay user agreement main document” before you leave.

In case of cancellation, there will be a charge. Cancellation must be done on the RiS-website.

  • 0 % charge for a cancellation more than 14 days before arrival
  • NOK 7500,- charge for 14 – 0 days of notice

In case the laboratory of your use is not cleaned sufficiently at the end of the stay, the minimum cleaning fee will be four Kings Bay staff hours.

It is important to plan your field work well in advance. While some research activities in Svalbard do not require prior consent from governmental agencies, others might be dependent on approval from several agencies.

Read more about the permissions and applications you need to comply to here.

Check out the updated information about the lab, equipement, booking requirements etc. at Veksthuset here.

The Terresterial Laboratory

The terrestrial laboratory, Veksthuset, is located in the middle of Ny-Ålesund and includes brand new dry and semi-wet lab facilities.

Overview over available equipement is found here.

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