The terrestrial laboratory Veksthuset is the northernmost experimental laboratory for research in terresterial ecology. The laboratory includes brand new dry- and semi-wet lab facilities.

Facility and equipement

  • One big dry lab for up to 15 people, a fume hood and small storage of chemicals
  • One semi-dry lab for up to 5 people
  • Small -80°C freezer, fridge with freezing unit
  • Milli Q water (pure/ultrapure)
  • Washer/Disinfector (Getinge 46-series)
  • Sartorius scale max. 220 g, d=0.1 mg
  • VWR scale max. 620 g, d=0.001 g
  • VWR scale max. 6200 g, d=0.01 g
  • Funnels
  • Measuring cylinders of different sizes
  • Beakers of different sizes
  • Petri dishes of different sizes
  • Freezer and cooler combi
  • Small -80°C freezer
  • VWR Thermal Shake Lite
  • Hecht Assistent Thermostatic Water Bath with thermostat
  • VELP Scientifica AREC Connect Heating Magnetic Stirer
  • Christ Vacuum Alpha 2-4 LSC Basic Freeze Dryer
  •  VWR Micro Star 30 Microcentrifuge
  • 3x VORTEX Genie 2
  • VWR Star-Beater
  • VWR Sieve Set, diamete 200 mm (45 µm, 63 µm, 125 µm, 250 µm, 500 µm, 1 mm, 2 mm, 44 mm; 5x fitting petri dishes)
  • Thermo Scientific Multiskan FC 96
  • VWR pHenomenal MD8000 L Digital Multi Parameter
  • 2 sets Thermo Scientific pipette set GLP kit (0.2-2 μL 2-20 μL, 20-200 μL and 100-1000 μL)

Booking procedures

To ensure efficient use of the facilities, and to avoid capacity challenges, the labs will have to be booked as normal – i.e., through RiS.

In your booking, you must specify how much counter/bench space you need, and what kind of equipment you would like to use. Please note that to allow for timely ordering and shipping to Ny-Ålesund of chemicals and gases, all request for such supplies must be submitted two months before the planned start of the project.

The dates in your RiS booking will act as a reference for the reservation date. If the day use during the work period deviates from the RiS booking, this should be clarified with the laboratory engineer ( prior to departure and the dates written in the “Kings Bay user agreement main document” before you leave.

In case of cancellation, there will be a charge, please read terms and conditions. Cancellation must be done through your booking i RiS.

Contact Kings Bay directly if you have additional requests (freezer, equipment etc.) that are not available for booking through RiS. Please submit such requests well in advance of your planned arrival.

Chemical and gas order

You can not bringing your own chemicals and gasses to Kings Bay laboratories. In case you need an exception from this rule, please contact Kings Bay.

All chemical orders need to be placed well in advance of planned use. Kings Bay cannot guarantee that chemicals will arrive on time and is not held responsible for items lost or delayed during shipment. Please use this form to specify your chemical and gas order.

You will find a more detailed description of the ordering process and related questions as e.g. substitution in the document “02 Working with hazardous substances guidelines and regulations for the work with chemicals, gases, and radioactive isotopes”.

Except for medical oxygen, all gas will be shipped by boat. Boat shipments arrive approximately at least every 8–10 weeks. Therefore, please plan accordingly and place orders early. Usually an order should be placed at the latest two weeks before the boat, M/S Norbjørn, leaves Tromsø. Please be aware, that gas bottles will be subject to a daily rent.
Like for chemicals, the gas order is placed through RiS. We need the following information:

  • Type of gas
  • Type of connection (e.g. click-on or industrial)
  • Type of regulator needed (in case you do not bring your own regulator)
  • Amount, e.g. 4 x 5 l
  • Type of bottle (in case you have preferences)

Examples: Balloon Helium 200 bar, 4 x 50 l OR Propane, Household, Steel, 11 kg

Terms and conditions

In case of cancellation, there will be a charge (cancellation must be done through your booking in RiS).

  • 0 % charge for a cancellation more than 14 days before arrival
  • NOK 7500,- charge for 14 – 0 days of notice

In case the laboratory of your use is not cleaned sufficiently at the end of the stay, the minimum cleaning fee will be 4 hours (Kings Bay staff hours).

Also, please familiarize yourself with the relevant documents before working in the labs. This is part of the HSE work and quality assurance to ensure efficient and safe work:

Contact information

Owner: Kings Bay AS

Contact person: Kings Bay Research adviser ((+47) 7902 7252 / )

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