Kings Bay have on the 28. May 2021 announced the starting of the planning process and consultation of planning program for the land-use plan for Ny-Ålesund.

The planning programme describes the framework and content of the planning and assessment work, the planning process and arrangements for public participation.  The draft for the planning programme will be made available for public inspection simultaneously with notice of the commencement of the planning work. The consultation period has been set at 6 weeks.

Deadline for statement is 9 July 2021

The land-use plan is the legal management tool for the development, use and protection of areas and buildings in the area covered by the plan. The plan is hence important for all institutions with extensive research and monitoring activity in the area. The new land-use plan has a time horizon of 10 years.

The planning program has seven parts:

  1. Introduction
  2. Background
  3. Overarching framework and guidelines
  4. Key topics in the planning work
  5. Assessment program
  6. Organisation and public preparation
  7. Tentative schedule

Once the consultation round is completed, statements that have been received will be reviewed, and any new elements, guidelines and knowledge basis will be incorporated in the planning programme before it is determined and made public by Kings Bay.

The research strategy for Ny-Ålesund follows the overarching policy for Svalbard and guidelines issued for research in Svalbard. Development and management of areas, buildings and infrastructure will contribute to maintaining Norwegian settlement and supporting the research strategy for Ny-Ålesund.

Planning program (English) Planprogram (Norsk)

The formal announcement 

In accordance with the Svalbard Environmental Protection Act § 50, notice is hereby given of the commencement of planning work and consultation of planning program for the revision of the current land use plan Ny-Ålesund. Kings Bay is responsible for the Ny‐Ålesund planning area under Section 48 of the Svalbard Environmental Protection Act.

The current land use plan was adopted in 2009. The purpose for circulating the land use plan is to prepare an appropriate and updated legal management tool for development, use and protection of areas and buildings in the Ny-Ålesund planning area in accordance with updated framework conditions and overarching guidelines. The time horizon for the plan is 10 years.

For information about the planning area and the rolling work, please refer to the attached draft plan program dated 28.05.21.

Questions about the planning work should be directed to:

Kings Bay AS att. adviser Hanne Karin Tollan,, Tel: +47 79 02 72 83

Comments on notification of start-up and statements to the draft plan program should be addressed in writing to:

Kings Bay AS, 9173 Ny-Ålesund,

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