University of Groningen (UG), The Netherlands

The University of Groningen (UG) in the northern part of the Netherlands is both an international and regional oriented university with a rich academic tradition of more than 400 years. The University has 11 faculties with 3400 acadmic staff and 36.000 students of which 1/3 are international students.  Currently the university is around the top 100 on several influential global ranking lists.

UG’s Arctic Centre promotes multi-disciplinary research covering a wide range of topics. The centre has a particularly strong focus on ecology, migratory birds and food web interaction. Studies on the ecology of the local barnacle goose have been ongoing since 1990. The Arctic Centre maintains summer activity in Ny-Ålesund and does not have overwintering staff. 

UG has a key function in Ny-Ålesund in that it assesses, accepts and hosts projects in Ny-Ålesund initiated by researchers from the Netherlands.

The University of Groningen, through its Arctic Centre, has been present with a facility in Ny-Ålesund since 1995. 


NySMAC representative
Maarten Loonen 

Maarten Loonen 

Location in Ny-Ålesund

  • London 2 and 3

Ny-Ålesund on-site staff
+47 7902 6852 or by email

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Please visit the Netherlands Arctic Station website 

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