UiT – The Arctic University of Norway (UiT), Norway

UiT – The Arctic University of Norway is the third largest university in Norway and the northernmost university of the world. It uses its location on the edge of the Arctic to focus on pressing Arctic research and management needs with global perspectives. Climate change, the exploitation of Arctic resources and environmental threats are topics of great public concern, in which UiT takes special interest in.

UiT supports a wide range of research projects and programs located in Ny-Ålesund. Space physics, geophysics, marine and terrestrial biology represent some fields of particular interest and focus. Also a geophysical and a light observatory operated by UiT are located in Ny-Ålesund. UiT has a long history in Ny-Ålesund, dating back to the establishing of the magnetic observatory in 1966.

UiT’s projects in Ny-Ålesund are hosted by Sverdrup-NPI.


NySMAC representative
Rolf Gradinger

Rolf Gradinger

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