Stockholm University (SU), Sweden

Stockholm University, Department of Environmental Science is an active member of Ny Ålesund research community for nearly three decades with centre of the activities at Zeppelin Observatory. Main themes of our work are:

  • Understanding of atmospheric aerosol life cycle, properties, sources and sinks in the Arctic
  • Links between aerosols and clouds
  • Using observational techniques, advanced analysis and modelling understand and quantify the role of aerosols and clouds, coupled with meteorology, in changing Arctic climate and environment.

In close collaboration with Norwegian Polar Institute, Norwegian Institute for Air research and Swedish Environmental Protection Agency we conduct long term in-situ observations of microphysical, chemical and optical properties of atmospheric aerosol and aerosol-cloud interactions.

The Department of Environmental Science is one of the biggest departments at the Faculty of Science, Stockholm University. Research and teaching focuses on chemical contaminants, atmospheric science, biogeochemistry and (eco)toxicology.

SU projects in Ny-Ålesund are hosted by NPI-Sverdrup


NySMAC representative
Radovan Krejci

Radovan Krejci

Location in Ny-Ålesund

  • Zeppelin observatory 

Ny-Ålesund on-site staff

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