Norwegian Mapping Authority (NMA), Norway

Norwegian Mapping Authority (NMA)’s field of work is extensive and diverse, and ranges from ocean to land, from outer space to the deep oceans. 

NMA operates the geodetic earth observatory in Ny-Ålesund – the northernmost facility of its kind in the world. The observatory is part of the International VLBI Service for Geodesy and Astrometry, and the International GNSS service, thus forming part of a global network for geodetic observations and research. Instrumentation at the observatory includes VLBI radio telescopes, superconducting gravimeters, GNSS receivers, a solar radio burst monitor and a tide gauge. The data collected at the observatory contributes to mapping the Earth’s position in space, movements in the Earth’s surface, planetary rotation, changes in the Earth’s gravity field and monitoring space weather.  

NMA assesses, accepts and hosts projects in Ny-Ålesund initiated by researchers from NMA.

NMA has had a permanent presence in Ny-Ålesund since 1992, and has a permanent staff of five on site.


NySMAC representative
Susana Garcia Espada 

Susana Garcia Espada

Location in Ny-Ålesund

  • Rabben 
  • Brandal 

Ny-Ålesund on-site staff 
(+47) 7902 7010

Looking for additional information?
Please visit the NMA’s Ny-Ålseund website.  

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