The climate and environmental research institute NILU

The climate and environmental research institute NILU is an independent, nonprofit research institute established in 1969. NILU delivers services closely linked to their core research areas; atmospheric composition, climate change, air quality, environmental pollutants and sustainable environmental and climate solutions.

NILU’s research in Ny-Ålesund is concentrated around characterisation of the Arctic atmosphere and studies of atmospheric processes and changes, investigation of long range transportation of atmospheric pollutants, and studies of stratospheric ozone and climate related questions.

NILU is scientifically responsible for the activities at the Zeppelin observatory (which is owned and operated by NPI). NILU has been present in Ny-Ålesund since 1973. The Zeppelin observatory was first established in 1988, and reopened in its present form in 2000.

NILU projects in Ny-Ålesund are hosted by NPI-Sverdrup.


NySMAC representative
Kjersti Tørnkvist  

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Kjersti Tørnkvist 

Location in Ny-Ålesund

  • Zeppelin observatory 

Ny-Ålesund on-site staff

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Please visit NILU’s Zeppelin Observatory’s website   

Photo: Ove Hermannsen (NILU)

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