Natural Environment Research Council (NERC), UK

The Natural Environment Research Council (NERC) is the driving force of investment in environmental science in the UK. NERC advances the frontier of environmental science by commissioning new research, infrastructure and training that delivers valuable scientific breakthroughs. 

The British Antarctic Survey (BAS) has managed the NERC facility Harland House in Ny-Ålesund on behalf of NERC since 1991. Harland House is open during spring-summer and supports projects related to earth and life sciences.

BAS/NERC have a key function in Ny-Ålesund in that it assesses, accepts and hosts projects in Ny-Ålesund initiated by researchers from the UK.


NySMAC representative
Nicholas Cox

Nicholas Cox (station manager, BAS): 
NERC Arctic Office:

Location in Ny-Ålesund

  • Harland House

Ny-Ålesund on-site staff
(+47) 7902 6840 

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