Chinese Arctic and Antarctic Administration (CAA), China

The Chinese Arctic and Antarctic Administration (CAA) is the institution responsible for organizing national scientific research programmes, and promoting international collaboration both in the Arctic and Antarctic region, with the aim to advance scientific knowledge in and awareness of the values of the polar regions.

CAA has focused their research priorities in Ny-Ålesund in atmospheric, glaciological, terrestrial and marine environmental studies and monitoring, to contribute to the understanding of the climate and environment change, as well as its effects, in the Arctic region.

CAA has a key function in Ny-Ålesund in that it assesses, accepts and hosts projects in Ny-Ålesund initiated by researchers from China.


NySMAC representative
Lei Yang

Contact CAA
Lei Yang

Location in Ny-Ålesund

  • Ungkarsheimen II 

Ny-Ålesund on-site staff
(+47) 7902 6848

Looking for additional information?
Please visit the website of the Chinese Arctic Yellow River Station

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