Andøya Space (AS), Norway

Andøya Space (AS) is a service provider for sounding rocket, balloons and remotely piloted aircraft operations. AS also provides remote sensing services to the science community and owns and operates a variety of ground based instruments at Andøya, including the Alomar lidar observatory. 

AS has two launch sites for sounding rockets, respectively at Andøya (69°N) and Ny-Ålesund, Svalbard (79°N), and each of them can offer a wide range of rocket trajectories to study all layers of the atmosphere. Both sites can operate separately or interconnected and allow for simultaneous launch operations from both sites.

The high geographic latitude at a high geomagnetic latitude, makes Svalbard ideal for studies of dayside aurora towards a dark sky and for studies of magnetospheric boundary layer processes. This is the only easily accessible location worldwide for such studies.

A uniqe feature of Ny-Ålesund is that this is the only place on Earth you can launch scientific instruments both parallel and perpendicular to the Earth’s magnetic field (Bz) as well as launch directly into the polar Cusp region. 

Activities in Ny-Ålesund are campaign based, and when in Ny-Ålesund, ASP’s campaigns are hosted by NPI Sverdrup.

The launch site in Ny-Ålesund was established in 1997. Several upgrades has been done since then and an expansion of the launch capacity by building another launch pad was completed in 2018. ASP owns the launch facilities related to rocket preparations and launch pads. Other facilities are rented from Kings Bay and NPI during campaigns.


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