Start: 19.02.2023

Ends: 20.02.2023

Place: Vienna

The 58th NySMAC meeting will be arranged 19-20 February 2023 as part of the ASSW 2023.

ASSW-2023 is being arranged in Vienna, Austria from 17 – 24 February 2023, and are hosted by the Austrian Polar Research Institue and IASC.

Items on the agenda for the 58th meeting include:

  • On the possible establishing of a mobile phone network in Ny-Ålesund
  • Environmental impact assessment of rocket launch in Ny-Ålesund
  • Ny-Ålesund GIS
  • NySMAC strategy plan – Task Force: Monitoring program for Ny-Ålesund
  • NySMAC Task Force: field safety
  • Information from the Governor of Svalbard

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