Over the spring of 2022, the Ny-Ålesund Terrestrial Ecosystem Flagship organized a series of online seminars and meetings to have presentations on methodologies and discussions about the common flagship project “The Terrestrial Ecosystem Flagship in Ny-Ålesund: From workshops to research projects” as we continue to plan and organize to meet in Ny-Ålesund August 1st to 4th in 2022. The larger project is part of a funded proposal from NFR, where the flagship received funding to organize a series of network meetings and workshops.

The primary objective of this proposal is to bring together national and international scientists to develop existing and create new collaborations to reinforce cooperation within the Terrestrial Ecosystem Flagship in Ny-Ålesund through two workshops and one network meeting. The secondary objectives are to (i) plan and organize the development of a research project building on the already established exclosures and other permanent monitoring stations in the Ny-Ålesund area. This research project will further facilitate and increase cooperation and to integrate the multidisciplinary expertise present in the Terrestrial Ecosystem Flagship. Secondly, (ii) we aim to use the second workshop to integrate the outcomes of the first workshop, pilot study, and network meeting to collaborate in the development of a larger multi-partner international grant proposal that allows for future joint research projects together in the field. Hence the title “from workshops to research projects”.

At the workshop that will be organised in Ny-Ålesund in August 2022 there will participate around 20 people, some already present in Ny Ålesund for their research activities, some other will come for the workshop. The workshop will include visits to experimental sites and discussion sessions on future research ideas as basis for a new international proposal.

The online seminars have been recorded, and are available to be viewed here:


We had seminars from Dr. Kevin Newsham, Dr. Mathilde Le Moullec, and Dr. Simen Hjelle on their experience with OTCs, ice-manipulation experiments, and the Bjorndalen Integrated Gradients transect project, respectively.

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