In spring 2020 the project Ny-Ålesund GIS was launched. The end product is a brand new layer in the Svalbardkartet GIS map containing information about research instruments, installations and fields sites in and around Ny-Ålesund.

Currently the database more that 550 objects, and the research community in Ny-Ålesund is currently working on expanding this.

By: Christina A Pedersen, Senior advisor, Norwegian Polar Institute


Svalbardkartet is an interactive themed atlas of Svalbard supplemented with a rich dataset of environmental data layered on top of a detailed topographic base-map. All information in Svalbardkartet is open to all.

Open Svalbardkartet application

Ny-Ålesund Research Objects

You can find information about the Ny-Ålesund research objects in a separate layer in Svalbardkartet.

Read more about how to use this function in the Tools section of the webpage

Svalbardkartet featuring the new layer Ny-Ålesund Research Object

System interface

Adding of modifying information about the research objects in Svalbardkartet must be done through the spesific ARC-GIS online user-interface.  The interface part of the system requires a log-in, and each NySMAC member has one.

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