October 2023 insights

Ny-Ålesund Research Station Newsletter

A busy summer field season in Ny-Ålesund is over, and at the time of this newsletter being sent out, the astronomical polar night is just over three weeks away. It has been a busy field season for many of you, and the results stemming from the hard work will be important to help build a deeper understanding of the changes that we see in the circumpolar north - and the impact that these changes have on a global scale.

This summer also gave us all a stark reminder that the situation with regards to polar bears on the west coast of the Spitsbergen island is different from what it used to be. More than ever before, safety must be at the top of the agenda whenever field activity is planned - be it work related or private. The NySMAC Field Safety Working Group is a key arena for exchange of information, best practices.

A little of three weeks away is another highlight - the Svalbard Science Conference. If you haven't registered already, now is the time to do so. Hope to see many of you there!

Updates from the research station

Ny-Ålesund Research Station reminds all researchers about the application deadlines the Governor on Svalbard introduced earlier this year. Read more on the Governors webpage here.

Updates from Kings Bay

Kings Bay announces that the Marine Laboratory will be closed for some period of time during winter 2024 due to updates of control and ventilation systems. Preliminary dates are within February and March 2024. More information will be given to the scientific community when plans are more detailed.

Research highligths

Two new publications in Nature from Ny-Ålesund Research Station!

This September two new articles has been published in the Nature Journal Nature Communications based on data gathered at the Zeppelin Observatory in Ny-Ålesund Research Station! The topics are black carbon, and the role of biological particles in the formation of ice within Arctic clouds. Links to the Nature publications in this article!
Two new publications in Nature from Ny-Ålesund Research Station!

How does vascular plants respond to global warming?

Researchers from Japan, led by the National Institute of Polar Research (NIPR), has been to Ny-Ålesund Research Station to look into the future function of the tundra ecosystem and vascular plants, in respect of carbon and nitrogen cycles.
How does vascular plants respond to global warming?

Workshop in Ny-Ålesund: Friction and Fracture and the Onset of Geohazards

How does geological disasters happen? Can they be predicted? A cross-disciplinary group from the Centre of Advanced Studies (Norway) visited Ny-Ålesund Research Station in August to discuss these questions related to the onset of geohazards.
Workshop in Ny-Ålesund: Friction and Fracture and the Onset of Geohazards

New benthic habitats in Kongsfjorden?

A team from Angers University in France has been in Ny-Ålesund Research Station during spring and summer to follow and record the evolution of new benthic habitats on the recently deposited sediments in Kongsfjorden. Check out their work here!
New benthic habitats in Kongsfjorden?

International focus on seabirds in Kongsfjorden!

Seabird`s functions as indicators on the health of marine ecosystems and has been studied and monitored by several international teams in Ny-Ålesund and Kongsfjorden for decades. Read about some of the teams here!
International focus on seabirds in Kongsfjorden!

Updates from the flagship programmes

The flagships invite to side meetings under the Svalbard Science Conference. Read more about these under the event topic.


29.10 - 30.10.2023

Terrestrial Ecosystems flagship workshop

The Terrestrial Ecosystem Flagship is announcing its next workshop on the 29th and the 30th of October 2023. This 2-day workshop will be held in Oslo as side-meeting of the Svalbard Science Conference 2023.

29.10 - 30.10.2023

Kongsfjorden flagship meeting

The Kongsfjorden System Flagship is announcing its next meeting on the 29th and the 30th of October 2023 in Oslo. Issues that we will address are general updates, your science, and the year-round sampling planning during the International Kongsfjorden Year (summer 2024 to summer 2025).

31.10 - 01.11.2023

Svalbard Science conference (SSC2023)

Researchers, research managers and stakeholders are now invited to the fourth Svalbard Science Conference.

01.11 - 03.11.2023

Glaciology flagship workshop

The Glaciology Flagship is announcing its next workshop from the 1st to the 3rd of November 2023 in Oslo. The aim of this workshop is to bring together researchers from the various international groups studying Svalbard glacier mass balance and snow accumulation and melt, to promote better collaboration and cooperation between the groups.

02.11 - 03.11.2023

59th NySMAC meeting

The 59th NySMAC meeting will take place in Oslo following the fourth Svalbard Science Conference.

All events are listed here


The Svalbard Science Forum calls for applications to the Arctic Field Grant. In this year’s call, an additional amount of NOK 1.5 million is allocated to AFG to support use of the research infrastructure in Ny-Ålesund by researchers employed by Norwegian research organisations. The application deadline is 15th of November 2023. Read more here.
The Svalbard Integrated Arctic Earth Observing System (SIOS) calls for applications for access to SIOS research infrastructure (2023 Atumn Access Call). . The funding is available for fieldwork conducted in the period 1 March 2024 to 28th February 2025. Application deadline is 6th of November 2023. Read more here.

Image of the month

The October image is taken by Vegard Sand.

A new season is upon us. The colours are changing and we are moving into the dark season hour by hour, day by day. The snow also came early to Ny-Ålesund Research Station this fall, and the international collaboration with snow sampling has already started for the season! Time will show if it lasts until next summer or if the unpredictable weather will give us rain and ice instead?!

Please contact us at post@nyalesundresearch.no to contribute to image of the month.
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