While the Service Building is being renovated, the Vaskeri Lab is serving once more as a laundry for Ny-Ålesund. Consequently, the laboratories in the Vaskeri Lab are CLOSED for operation until the Service Building renovation has been completed.

Owner: Kings Bay AS

Contact person: Kings Bay research adviser (+47 79 02 72 52, research@kingsbay.no )

Procedures for use

Contact Kings Bay research adviser (+47 7902 7252, research@kingsbay.no


Main focus area

The focus the last few years has been on terrestrial research, such as ornithology, soil, sediment, permafrost, animal sampling, but also meteorology and atmospheric equipment calibration.


The Vaskeri Lab is an older building that consists of seven rooms. There are two common labs, in addition to a metrology and calibration lab.

The two laboratory rooms can be used for environmental, terrestrial laboratory work, and is perfect for work with soil, sediments, animal sampling etc.

Photo: Kings Bay AS