Start: 12.10.2021

Ends: 15.10.2021

Place: Orvieto, Italy

As part of the project to increase cross-flagship collaboration between the four research flagships in Ny-Ålesund, we are happy to invite you to Italy for a workshop on the Nutrient Cycle in the Arctic linked to environmental change. The workshop follow up the keynote seminar on the same topic from October 2020.

Both the online keynotes and the open workshop are part of a Ny-Ålesund joint flagship project aiming at understanding perturbations in nutrient cycles in the Artic linked to ongoing environmental change. The nutrient cycling involves all compartments of the ecosystem and will also bring all four Ny-Ålesund flagship programs together.

We aim for a in-person meeting in Orvieto, Italy in October. If travel-restriction do not allow for a physical meeting in October, the workshop will likely be postponed.

Registration will open in spring 2021.