February 2024 insights

Ny-Ålesund Research Station Newsletter

While Ny-Ålesund is still in the grip of the Polar night, light is slowly making its way North again, and many of you have already started planning for the 2024 field season. While the need for lab work will differ between projects, it is worth noting that in order to “kick-start” use of the most recent addition to the joint research infrastructure in Ny-Ålesund – the Kings Bay Veksthus – access to, and use of the laboratories in the building will be free of charge in 2024 (click here for details)

At the time of preparing this newsletter many of you will have spent interesting (and windy!) days in Tromsø at the Arctic Frontiers conference, and only two months from now the Arctic Science Summit Week kicks off in Edinburgh. The 60th NySMAC meeting will be a key side event for all engaged in Ny-Ålesund Research Station.

As usual this time of year, requests for official visits and media visits are starting to show up in our email inboxes. We would like to take this opportunity to thank all of you who set aside time in a busy schedule to help make these visits successful. Your contributions are invaluable in providing context and in giving the visitors an in-depth understanding of the importance of the research and environmental monitoring in Ny-Ålesund.
We wish you all productive late winter months - whether you are busy writing up material from the 2023 season, or already planning the 2024 season!

Updates from the research station

Telenor activated a mobile phone network in Ny-Ålesund Research Station the 28th of November 2023. A mobile network opens up for use of sensors in research and environmental monitoring that can use 4G as communication. Read more about the launch here, and where to report if you experience irregularities.

Ny-Ålesund Research Station reminds all researchers about the application deadlines to get permits from the Governor on Svalbard. Permits for June, July, and August has the deadline 1st of March 2024!
Read more on the Governors webpage here.

Updates from Kings Bay

Kings Bay offers access to the labs in Veksthuset, at no cost in 2024 for groups working on terrestrial and glaciological projects. Read more about the offer here.

Kings Bay reminds that the Marine Laboratory will be closed from 1stf of February until 21st of March 2024. A new control system will be implemented, and ventilation will be upgraded.

Research highligths

Snow sampling brings institutions together in Ny-Ålesund Research Station

From the first snow cover has set in Ny-Ålesund Research Station for the winter technicians from AWIPEV, NPI and CNR join forces on snow sampling.…
Snow sampling brings institutions together in Ny-Ålesund Research Station

Updates from the flagship programmes

If you are not familiar with the Ny-Ålesund Flagship programs? Read more here about the benefits on joining the flagships!

Want to get information about activities and other updates from the scientific networks in Ny-Ålesund? Check out this link on how to sign up!


60th NySMAC meeting

The 60th NySMAC meeting will take place in Edinburgh, UK, as part of ASSW2024. The committee will meet from 21.03 og 22.03.2024.

All events are listed here

Image of the month

The February image is taken by Christer Amundsen.

The days are still dark, and we experience the blue light every day.

Please contact us at post@nyalesundresearch.no to contribute to image of the month.
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