May 2023 insights

Ny-Ålesund Research Station Newsletter

The first activity peak of the year is behind us, with extensive activities in both the Glaciology flagship (see for instance Ice Memory) and in the Kongsfjorden system flagship, with projects in both domains relying heavily on cross institutional collaboration.

The second, and largest activity peak - the summer season - is just around the corner. To increase the chances of a successful stay in Ny-Ålesund, please check the Ny-Ålesund Research Station web site to make sure that you have applied for all necessary permits.

Field Safety is of course a key concern, and recommendations from a NySMAC field safety Task Force were presented at the 58th NySMAC meeting. The recommendations will be incorporated into the Researchers' Guide , and we strongly encourage you to have a look at the procedures described there.

On that note, we wish you a safe and productive summer field season in Ny-Ålesund!

Updates from the Research Station

Free return trip Longyearbyen to Ny-Ålesund! The Institute of Geophysics, Polish Academy of Sciences, is offering SIOS members FREE transport between Longyearbyen and Ny-Ålesund in September 2023. More information and schedule here.

Ny-Ålesund Research Station is hosting digital web-meetings where the main focus has been on facilitating collaboration between groups working on similar scientific topics visiting the research station at about the same time. The booking information in the Research in Svalbard portal has been the starting point for finding topics and people. Three web-meetings have been arranged so far in 2023. Contact reserach.nya@npolar.no if you have ideas for new topics.

We are currently in the process of updating the content on nyalesundresearch.no. Please send comments or suggestions for improvements to reserach.nya@npolar.no.

Updates from Kings Bay

The terresterial lab was furnished with equipment in 2022, and has a lot of free capacity for this summer season. Booking of the laboratory is done through the Research in Svalbard Portal.

Thawing permafrost is a challenge in the circumpolar north - also in Ny-Ålesund, where several of the buildings require new foundations. This spring the shop was moved by hand and received a new steel foundation. Have a look at this spectacular process in the film on Kings Bay's facebook page.

Updates from the flagships programmes

The Kongsfjorden System Flagship announces that the newly-developed Kongsfjorden CTD Data Portal is up and running, providing a shared archive of CTD data (temperature and salinity) collected in Kongsfjorden. Researchers are encouraged to upload their data, to join co-authored, annual publications of the dataset, and to use the tool to see the metadata (time and place) of other CTD casts and to plot existing data.

All four flagships will arrange side meetings in connection with the Svalbard Science Conference in Oslo. For information about SSC 2023, please visit the conference web site.

More about the Flagships here:





Terresterial ecosystems

Terrestrial Ecosystems

Kongsfjorden system

Kongsfjorden System

Research highlights

An international team of atmosphere researchers from US, Germany, and Italy installed a new instrument - Portable Ice Nucleation Experiment (PINE) - at the Zeppelin Observatory. The research group conducted an extensive field campaign this spring to study in detail the seasonal changes in the ice-nucleating particles concentration in the high Arctic. Read more...


Svalbard Science Conference 2023

The Svalbard Science Conference 2023 will take place at Scandic Fornebu, Oslo, on the 31st of October and the 1st of November 2023. Please register on the conference web site (link below). If you plan to submit an abstract to the conference, please note that the submission deadline is 15 June 2023.

An overview of all events is found here


SIOS Innovation Award 2023.The call for proposals for the second SIOS innovation award will be opened in June. The winner will be announced during the Svalbard Science Conference in Oslo. Read more here.

Image of the month

Jean Charles Gallet, NPI (left), and Andrea Spolaro, CNR (right), with one of the ice cores from the Ice Memory drilling campaign at Holtedahlsfonna. Follow the next newsletter to read more about the campaign that Ny-Ålesund Research Station hosted this April. Photo by: Ingrid Kjerstad, NPI.

Please contact us at post@nyalesundresearch.no to have your image shown in the next newsletter.
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