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While Covid travel restrictions have been in place also in 2021, the roll-out of vaccines, and the consequent easing of restrictions across Europe has seen a considerably higher level of activity in Ny-Ålesund in the summer season of 2021 than was the case in the summer of 2020. With travel from Asia to Europe still being complicated, researchers from The People's Republic of China, from The Republic of Korea, from India and from Japan have been mostly absent also this summer. We hope to see a return to a more normal state of affairs soon, and encourage all researchers planning to go to Ny-Ålesund Research Station to check the Covid-info page for updated information on the rules and regulations that are in place.

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Updates from the research station

With the new weapons law from 1. June there are new routines for renting rifles in Ny-Ålesund. The transitions period until 1. September is over and now there is a requirement that every person need a firearms permit in order to rent rifles from Kings Bay, if they do not already have a Norwegian firearms permit or European firearm pass in the same category. For residents on the Norwegian mainland the application goes to your local police district. For residents outside of Norway the application goes to the Governor of Svalbard. Processing of the application can take up to four weeks, so it is important to apply well in advance of you arrival in Ny-Ålesund. Read more...

The radio silence in Ny-Ålesund is critical for several of the research and monitoring activities taking place at the research station, among them the geodetic earth observatory operated by NMA and the satellite receiving station operated by GFZ. NySMAC has established the Radio Silence Working Group (RSWG) as a forum for discussions of issues related to the use of equipment with radio transmitters. Carsten Falck from GFZ has recently taken on the role as chair for the RSWG, replacing Piotr Kupiszewski (NMA).

Official opening of the renovated Service Building The renovated Service Building in Ny-Ålesund was officially opened on the 28th of June by Norway's Minister for climate and environment, Mr. Sveinung Rotevatn. Read more ...

Updates from the flagship programmes

All four Ny-Ålesund flagship programmes plan physical meetings in connection with the Svalbard Science Conference in Oslo in the beginning of November. For more information and links, see Events below.

The Terrestrial Flagship arranged a poster session in Ny-Ålesund this summer. Read more and download poster presentations here.

The Kongsfjorden System Flagship is currently planning the details of the next flagship meeting, which will take place on November 1st. All researchers working on the Kongsfjorden system are asked to fill out a short survey on the current status, problems and successes of their Kongsfjorden research. Link to the survey.

Research highligths

Glacier mass balance end-of summer field work

Enjoy some images from Norwegian Polar Institute's annual mass balance end-of summer field work from Kongsvegen, Kronebreen and Holtedahlfonna. See more ...

Marine robotics to help uncover hidden link in glacier melting

Robotic vehicles will help scientists find the answers to how glaciers in Svalbard are melting. Marine scientists from SAMS, UiT The Arctic University of Norway, NPI and UNIS collaborated in Ny-Ålesund to examine the Kronebreen glacier in Kongsfjorden. Read more ...

SIOS airborne remote sensing mission with the Dornier in the Ny-Ålesund area

Several science flights have been performed in the Ny-Ålesund area with the Dornier passenger aircraft. These flights are part of the SIOS airborne remote sensing mission conducted by NORCE and Lufttransport. Read more...

Report on effects of rocket launches in Ny-Ålesund 2018 -2019

NILU has just published a report on the effects of rocket launches in Ny-Ålesund in 2018-2019 with contributions from members of the research community in Ny-Ålesund. The report presents results from analysis of snow and air samples collected before, during and after the rocket launch campaign in 2018-2019. Read more...

FACE-IT - The large-scale European research project seen from the Ny-Ålesund perspective

FACE-IT seeks to investigate the consequences of climate warming through various gradients of borealisation and cryosphere loss in various fjord systems across the European Arctic, and this summer season Kongsfjorden and Ny-Ålesund was the hotspot for FACE-it activities. Read more...

20th anniversary of the GFZ satellite receiving station in Ny-Ålesund

As early as in 2001, the GFZ satellite receiving station in Ny-Ålesund started to receive CHAMP satellite with innovative instruments on-board. Two decades and many upgrades later, the station has grown to a remotely controlled multi satellite receiving station with active redundancy for increased reliability. Read more...


31 Oct 2021

Workshop on the nutrient cycle in the Arctic

The nutrient cycle in the Arctic will be the focus when researchers from the four Ny-Ålesund flagships convene to discuss how to increase collaboration across flagships and research disciplines. The registration is open. The detailed workshop program and link for registration can be found on the webpage.

1 Nov 2021

Ny-Ålesund flagship side-meetings

Three of the four Ny-Ålesund flagships will arrange meetings as parallel sessions on Monday 1st November, the day before the Svalbard Science Conference.
Kongsfjorden System flagship meeting
Terrestrial Ecology flagship meeting
Atmosphere flagship meeting

2-3 Nov 2021

Svalbard Science Conference in Oslo

The 3rd Svalbard Science Conference will be arranged in Oslo, Norway on the 2nd and the 3rd of November. Almost 200 researchers have signed up so far, and while the abstract submission deadline has passed, it is still possible to register for the conference.

4 Nov 2021

Ny-Ålesund glaciology flagship side-meeting

The fourth Ny-Ålesund flagship, the glaciology flagship, will arrange its meeting on Thursday 4th November, following the Svalbard Science Conference.
Glaciology flagship meeting

4-5 Nov 2021

55th NySMAC meeting in Oslo

The 55th NySMAC meeting will take place after the SCC. NySMAC promotes cooperation and coordination between actors engaged in research and monitoring in Ny-Ålesund, and includes representatives from all parties with major vested interests in Ny-Ålesund. This is a closed meeting for representatives and observers only.
All events are listed here


SIOS, in collaboration with Svalbard Science Forum is launching its first Innovation Award. The award aims to promote innovation in support of Earth system science in the Svalbard region. Application deadline: 10 September 2021. Read more
The Research Council of Norway has a call for sustainable marine research open for researchers from Norwegian institutions. Ny-Ålesund projects will be prioritised. This is an open ended call and funds are still available. Read more (only in Norwegian)

Image of the month

Hvalross Vs
The August image Walrus colony at Sarstangen is taken by Vera Sklet, Norwegian Polar Institute's research coordinator in Ny-Ålesund. The images was taken on the way to Sarøya to deliver deliver equipment for the Zodiac to the NPI reindeer monitoring team.

The image of the month will, in addition to giving the photographer honors and glory, be shown in the monthly newsletter. Please contact us at post@nyalesundresearch.no to contribute to image of the month.
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